ViventicWelcome to Viventic, my little website of photography and computer generated art. I would like to share my work with you and I hope you like it. Every now and again I might also talk about interesting, art related, topics.

I get some questions about the name “Viventic” which I chose for this enterprise. I can’t really tell you what it means because I made the word up. I guess I like it because it reminds me of the latin word for “life” but also sound somewhat like an adjective. So it could mean something like “lively” or “energetic”. Also I find that people tend to pronounce it with the emphasis on the first “i” while I originally intended the emphasis to be on the “e” of the second syllable. Which ever way you pronounce it, I am happy with that. The more you pronounce the word “Viventic”, the happier I will be, because that means you are spreading the word.

You can also follow me on twitter and see my art, and what inspires me, on flickr. If you really, really like my art you can support me by purchasing my products on zazzle.

Now browse and enjoy!

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